Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 325: Who Knew I Liked Ice Dancing? [SPOILER]

Wait... can I even discuss Ice Dancing on a sports blog? Is it actually a sport? I recently read online: "If your "sport" requires a dramatic musical score, then your "sport" is an art." Too bad. I'm still writing about it.

Of all the Olympic events, figure skating isn't high on my list of favorites. I'm not sure what it is about the event that turns me off—possibly the blindingly sparkly outfits that use all that nude-colored fabric that totally gives me the creeps. You know what I'm talking about, right? It's meant to give the illusion of half-naked skaters without them actually being half-naked. I especially hate it when the nude fabric is a darker shade than it should be, it just looks ridiculous. But I digress...

Despite my dislike of figure skating, I still watch it. I can't help myself. It's the Olympics. I feel un-American if I don't. So I suffer through the horrible outfits to support my country. I think maybe I should get a medal for that. And why on earth did the idiots in charge of the Olympics decide to add even more ice skating to the program? Team figure skating? Was that really necessary?

Then something really weird happened. The other night, as I was in and out of consciousness on the couch, I happened to see something that I found interesting. Something that made me smile. I discovered that I sort of love ice dancing. It's like Dancing with the Stars, but without the stars and on ice. Way more impressive and way more dangerous.

Plus, who doesn't love an event that has a move called the Twizzle? No, not Twizzler... there's no licorice candy involved in ice dancing. The Twizzle is simply defined as a multi-rotational, one-foot turn that when performed in ice dancing, must be perfectly synchronized. The closer the partners are and the more in synch the spin is, the more difficult the technique becomes and the higher the score will be. Evidently, Twizzles are hard and when they're not done correctly, it's really obvious and really ugly.

American ice dancers, Meryl Davis and Charlie White are sort of awesome at Twizzles. Actually, they're sort of awesome at every aspect of ice dancing. Probably why they won the gold medal—the first gold medal ever earned by the US in this event, by the way. Oh and with a World Record score. That's pretty cool and they totally made me a fan. It's too bad there has to be talk about the scores being fixed to ensure the Americans won. Why can't the losers just lose with dignity?

Not to worry though... my love of ice dancing does not have me planning to turn in my sweatpants and comfy couch for a rigorous training regimen and almost certain broken bones. Me in nude nylon outfits would not be pretty. Plus, my Olympic dreams would definitely lean more towards the curling sheet...

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