Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 308: All I Wanted was a Good Game. This Sucks.

I'm not a fan of sucky Super Bowls and this one is turning out to be just that for footballs fan who could care less about either team. I'm sure Seahawks fans are stoked (or toked *heehee*) and Denver fans are too stoned to realize their team is losing. I'm not going to lie, if the Patriots were playing and they were crushing their opponent like this, I'm be pretty pumped too.

All this hype of the best offensive team versus the best defensive team isn't boding so well for that high-flying offense. The defense is crazy tough and refuses to let Denver get into a rhythm. Peyton Manning has a serious case of the happy feet and just doesn't look comfortable. At all. But then again why would he after that horrific opening play of the game when the snap bounced off his helmet and into the wrong end zone for a safety.

Things just never could get on track for the bewildered Broncos. Also, the turnovers have absolutely detonated the Denver offense. There's no way you can turn the ball over three times against a defense of this caliber and get away with it. And because the Denver defense isn't nearly as tough as Seattle's, it's making the Seahawks offense look pretty good. Oh well, live and learn I guess...that's if Peyton ever makes it back to the Super Bowl again.

I imagine the half-time show was the most entertaining part of the night. And I missed it. I was in the car driving home to catch the second half at home and I missed it all. I probably would've been better off to have watched the damn half-time show and just missed the first half of the third quarter. I'm annoyed—mostly because I didn't think to at least set the DVR. D'oh.

Boredom is setting in. This game blows. I kinda just want to go to bed because I almost think sleep would be more exciting.

Well, at least this will quell all that talk about Peyton Manning being better than Tom Brady. For now, anyway.

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  1. Aaaaand you managed to bring it back to Tom Brady and your beloved NE Patriots. LOL!

    Like you, the only I thing I ever hope for when my team isn't in the game is that it's a GOOD game. That was only the case for Seahawks' fans.

    And not nearly enough water cooler worthy commercials to ease the pain.

    Bruno Mars was definitely the highlight...and I got your back, girlie. Check your email :)