Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 332: Aaron Hernandez: Suspected Murderer and Jailhouse Bully

I'm patiently waiting for a male version of Orange is the New Black starring former New England Patriots' wide receiver and current murder suspect and jailhouse bully, Aaron Hernandez. Can someone tell me if that's in the works? It's been a long time since I've written anything about this A#1 dumbass. In case you have forgotten, the 24-year-old former Patriots' rising star with a $41 million contract was arrested in June and charged with murdering his so-called friend, Odin Lloyd. (I'd hate to see how he treats his enemies!)

We haven't heard much about Hernandez since he was incarcerated. Some mumblings here and there about what types of food he eats... if he was allowed to watch the NFL... how he's coping without the interwebs. You know, nothing too gripping. He seemed to be living a pretty uneventful and lonely existence. Hernandez has been kept from the general population and spends his time in the Bristol County Jail's solitary confinement. Booooo-ring. Supposedly it's for his own protection with some of the higher ups feeling like maybe this former NFL star might be seen as a "prize" by some of the other inmates.

So the other day he was allowed a little exercise in the hallway and happened upon a fellow inmate who had evidently been previously harassing Hernandez who took offense and apparently beat the living shit out of the instigator. It was stopped pretty quickly and neither inmate required medical attention although both will face discipline or criminal charges. This is an interesting turn of events considering that only one prisoner is supposed to be out of his cell at a time... so why was this guy out too? Sounds a bit fishy to me.

I know on the scale of prison scuffles, this one registers pretty low on the Richter scale, but my imagination had this ruckus reaching the heart-pounding levels of, say, a Sons-of-Anarchy-gang-Opie-beating so violent it could make you lose your lunch. But then I remembered this isn't television. Although I do wonder if anyone got that melee on video... {{runs to YouTube}} Shoot, no grainy cell phone videos posted.

Here's my feeling on this ordeal... Hernandez pleaded not guilty to the murder charge. Understandable since there still no murder weapon. But if you're truly innocent, wouldn't you do your best to keep your head down and be on your best behavior? But if you're really guilty, what's a measly assault charge on top of murder one? Chew on that for a while...

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