Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 88: Aaron Hernandez is a Dumbass

I feel the need to rant a bit about the Aaron Hernandez situation. Actually, what is it with the NFL players in general and their brushes with the law? From Lawrence Taylor's taste for crack pipes and underage hookers, to Ray Lewis pinning a murder on his pals to save his own ass, to Michael Vick's despicable dog fighting ring, it's disgusting that these grown men can't properly conduct themselves in the presence of fame and fortune.

Over the years, you hear about the professional football players who screw up and get caught with drugs or smack their wives or, in some cases, are tried for killing their wives—who doesn't remember being glued to the television watching the police chase after the white Bronco and OJ Simpson? But this year, there seems to be a violence epidemic.

Since the Super Bowl earlier this year, reports say that 29 NFL players have been arrested. If you figure out the percentages, 29 out of 1,650+ players is only 1% and that might not be too bad if that was over the last decade or so... but this is in less than six months! Most of the charges fall under the assault and battery or drunk driving categories. And some are a lot more serious... *cough* Hernandez *cough*

I just don't get it—most of these guys have everything handed to them. THEY PLAY FOOTBALL FOR A JOB, for crying out loud! Aaron Hernandez signed a five-year, $37.5 million dollar contract extension with the New England Patriots less than a year ago. With the departure of Wes Welker and the injury to Rob Gronkowski, he had the opportunity to become Tom Brady's go-to guy, catch a bunch of passes and make a real name for himself. Dumb. Ass.

Hernandez had so much potential and he just pissed away because someone did something he didn't agree with? So your willing to throw away the fame and fortune for the thug life? Do murderers get paid more than football players? I don't understand how these morons think they're invincible and above the law. I don't understand how stupid someone can be to think that in this day and age of surveillance and cell phone videos they can get away with murder.

And now we find out Hernandez is also being investigated for ties to a double murder from last year? He really isn't too smart, is he?

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