Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 191: I'm the Worst Baseball Fan Ever!

Over the course of an average baseball season, it's nearly impossible to watch all 162 games. At least it is for me. But when it comes time for the Red Sox in the postseason, I make every possible effort to not miss a game. There are so few... it makes me crazy when I don't get to see one. And that's exactly what happened on Monday. I didn't see one stupid pitch. I feel shame.

As you may have guessed from my previous posts, I was out of town for the weekend at a wedding. I saw bits and pieces of Saturday's game... listened to all of Friday's game on the radio... but Monday night was just not in the cards. I went to stay at a friend's house in New Jersey who doesn't have cable television.

WHO DOESN'T HAVE CABLE??? (I guess the answer would be people who aren't sports fans!)

Ok, I know there are people who don't have cable... those people who use things like Roku and AppleTV and stuff like that. But it never affected me until yesterday. I know I could've probably hunted down a local bar somewhere, but holy crap, I'm in like Yankee fan territory so knowing my luck, I'd probably get beaten up for showing my true Sox fan colors. The best I could do was ScoreMobile updates on my phone, but it's just not the same. 

So... alas, I missed game three of the ALDS. I missed what I'm guessing was a nutty one from what I've gathered from the reports. I heard there were some spectacular defensive plays, as well as some real dumb ones. I heard there were some controversial calls and some questionable moves by managers. And I heard that Clay Buchholz wasn't as awesome as he has been when he has actually played this season.

Although I will say I think I'm kind of glad I wasn't there to see Koji Uehara give up his first home run since June 30th. In fact, he's been so lights out, he gave up just one run in this last 38 appearances. I was starting to think this guy was invincible. Guess not. Total bummer.

Luckily, there's another chance. Game four of the ALDS starts in less than a half hour and we'll be seeing Jake Peavy (12-5, 4.17) take on Jeremy Hellickson (12-10, 5.17) in a game where the Sox will once again attempt to put an end to the Rays' postseason hopes and dreams. I might have to force myself to stay up for this one to make up for Monday's absence!

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