Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 343: The Rarely Seen Locker Monster

I had a movie date with my nearly three-year-old niece today and we watched Monsters, Inc. I haven't seen this film in a long time and this was a first time for her so it was quite fun to watch it again and watch her reaction. So needless to say, I've had my fair share of scary monsters today.

Then I'm perusing the interwebs and happen across a video taken in the LA Dodgers' locker room. In the video, Juan Uribe falls victim to a prank by his teammate, Hanley Ramirez. You might wonder why I'm talking about an animated movie about monsters and a couple Dodgers players. Well, watch the video and you'll know. Looks like Ramirez could give James P. Sullivan a run for his money.

It also looks like Uribe wasn't the only one punked. The camera man, who know exactly what was going to happen, got in on the action. I probably would've peed my pants. My favorite part of the video is Uribe's reaction...


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