Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 363: Fastest Hat Trick Ever?

Growing up, I spend a lot of time at the hockey rink. I didn't play (helloooo... contact sport!), but my younger brother did so naturally, we all made the various treks to ice arenas all over the state to cheer him on. It was fun to watch all the little kids skating around—and while some could barely stay upright, others skated circles around the competition.

So today I read about a kid from Canada named Brayden MacIntosh who did something no other hockey player at any level has ever done. He scored three goals—a hat trick—in 10 seconds. Pretty efficient work by the eight year old. The fastest hat trick in the NHL happened 62 years ago when Chicago Blackhawks' Bill Mosienko scored three goals in 21 seconds. This kid completed his in less than half that time. But aren't Canadian kids pretty much born with hockey skates on?

Do you need to see it to believe it? There are probably a few NHL teams that could use his services right now...

There's still a question of the game clock and if the goals were all scored within 10 seconds but either way, it's a pretty impressive display by this youngster. Oh and in case you were wondering, MacIntosh has scored a staggering 107 goals this season.

Remember this name, hockey fans... Brayden MacIntosh should be ready for the NHL draft somewhere around 2025.

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