Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 360: My March Madness Bracket Blows Up.

There was a time when I felt pretty good about my March Madness bracket. Even though I didn't have any money involved, it was nice to see some of my picks turning out as well as they did—at one point I had 27 wins and only 7 losses... not bad, right? I managed to pick a few upsets correctly which helped, but then we got to the Sweet Sixteen, shit just fell apart.

If you remember correctly from my last March Madness post, my final four consisted of Michigan State, Syracuse, Wichita State and Creighton... yeah, now you know what happened. I basically have one team left in my final four—Michigan State—and I definitely didn't have them in the final, let alone winning it all.

I knew I was in trouble when Syracuse lost to Dayton. There's always that team that goes a little further into the tournament than they're supposed to and this year, it's Dayton. The #11 seed upset #6 Ohio State in the first round, then they sent #3 Syracuse packing in the next round, thereby killing one half of my final two. So now #11 Dayton will play #10 Stanford for a trip to the Elite Eight. But I love an upset so much that I don't even care if it blows up my bracket.

And then there's Wichita State. The #1 seed had quite a season and entered their game against #8 Kentucky at an impressive 35-0. But this tournament isn't called March Madness for nothing. Kentucky beat Wichita State 78-76 to shock the Shockers and force them to realize they're not in Kansas anymore. I will say that the Wichita State pick to win it all was a bold one, but it had to be done. There's no place like home.

Since my final two matchup was Syracuse and Wichita State, my bracket is officially nothing more than a shit catcher in a bird cage. Once I heard the Shockers lost, I immediately stopped watching. Although I'm sure once the basketball comes back on this week, I'll get sucked in again. I'll continue to root for the underdogs but in the end, I just want a great game—one that preferably comes down to the final fraction of a second.

Three of the four #1 seeds are still left in the tournament... I just happened to pick the one that couldn't pull out the win! *sigh*

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  1. " My bracket is officially nothing more than a shit catcher in a bird cage." May I quote you on this?
    I am nearly at the bottom of the bracket in which I invested $10.Of course, my method is random - and since Sr Gonzaga was my piano teacher, well, I'm out.