Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 208: Errors are Contagious, Like the Bird Flu

Ahhhh... the World Series... it giveth and it taketh away.

Remember on Wednesday night when the Cardinals made all sorts of errors and blunders and you may or may not have laughed out loud at their mishaps? Well... karma didn't like that. I think karma is a Cardinals fan. Game two on Thursday night featured a reversal of fortune of sorts. And it did not favor Red Sox Nation. The Sox lost a tough game two 4-2 and the series is tied a game a piece as the teams head to St. Louis.

Just as I had imagined, game two started out with the makings of that pitchers' duel I love and hate so much. Both pitchers were on their game. John Lackey fooled Cardinals batters with that nasty curve that starts off looking like a big fat mistake right down the middle, but then drops out of sight leaving the batter wondering what the hell just happened. And Michael Wacha (Wacha wacha) with his sick change up that was the cause of nearly all of his six strikeouts.

When Yadier Molina drove in Matt Holliday in the fourth with the game's first run, I started to sweat. I could see how much Wacha was fooling the Sox batters. Mostly I was annoyed because it was the first time the Red Sox had trailed in a World Series game since 1986. What can I say, I got a little spoiled in 2004 and 2007.

My hopefulness dwindled with each passing out. Until the bottom of the sixth... Dustin Pedroia drew a one out walk, bringing up David Ortiz. He bashed a couple of foul balls that had announcer Tim McCarver certain Wacha was in trouble. And surprisingly McCarver was right (this pains me to no end to actually type since everything that comes out of his mouth makes me want to barf.) Ortiz launched a 3-2 change up over the wall in left center to put the Sox up 2-1.

Unfortunately, the lead was short-lived. And the events that took place in the top of the seventh will make you want to jab a sharp stick in your own eye. I've tried to block it from my memory so I'll do my best to recap. There was a double steal that never should've happened...a walk to load the bases... an errant throw home that allowed the tying run to score... and the play that almost compelled me type a string of curse words as my Facebook status—an airmailed throw back to third base that nearly found the crowd. Tack on an RBI single and just like that, the Sox were down 4-2. jdlk;fjfo;hglksjhgkjhkjfhg

Cardinals closer Trevor Rosenthal pulled a Koji and made the 6-7-8 spots in the lineup look like little leaguers. Blah. It sucks fighting to stay awake to watch that crap. If I'm going to lose a few prime snoozing hours, I at least want to be rewarded with a win, dammit.

Boston now needs to win at least one game on the road to get the World Series back to Beantown and I vow to keep my fool mouth shut about the Cardinals and their errors. Karma is a real bitch.

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