Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 200: Now THIS Game is Crucial, Red Sox Nation!

So the ALCS is knotted up at two games a piece. Right now, it's best out of three, people. One team has to win two of the next three games to make it to the World Series. Regardless of who wins tonight, the Tigers would be forced to win the series on the road, and the Sox can clinch it at home. In this case, I like the Sox... but home cooking doesn't necessarily win you games.

If you're looking at just hitting, on paper the advantage goes to the Tigers. The Red Sox couldn't hit their way out of a paper bag right now and are collectively batting just .186. Mr. Clutch, David Ortiz, is batting .067 for the League Championship Series. He has just one hit, albeit a big one—a game tying grand slam in game two that tied the series. But overall, the bats are eerily quiet. I don't like it. If it's this frustrating to me, I can only imagine what these guys are feeling.

Now if you're looking at pitching, well, Detroit has the advantage there too. They've struck out 53 Red Sox batters in just 35 innings pitched. Do the math—that's 1.5 strikeouts per inning or 13.5 times per game. That's some crazy shit. The Sox struck out the just over 1,300 times during the regular season, placing them eighth in the major leagues which averages out to eight times per game. And the Tigers have only allowed 24 hits in those same 35 innings. That math is depressing.

Normally, it's the game sevens that are considered crucial—d'uh, that whole do or die thing. But I'm going out on a limb and saying that game five is the pivotal one in this series. It could mean either momentum for the Tigers going back to Fenway Park, or confidence for Boston as they return home. I'm also sure that if this does go to seven games, I'm going to come back and say that game seven is pretty crucial too!

Game five won't be an easy task for either team. The Red Sox will have to face Anibal Sanchez who pitched six innings of no-hit ball back in game one—a painful 1-0 Detroit win. Jon Lester, who was on the losing end of that misfortune, will attempt to quiet the Tigers' bats that seem to burst into action in game four.

I keep telling myself that if Boston loses this ALCS, I'll be ok with it. I should, right? I mean who ever thought in a million years they'd even be in this spot right now. Who could even dream up the idea that the Red Sox would be able to field a competitive team after a disastrous 2012? A part of me is just happy to be here... but the other part of me... the rabid, lifelong fan in me... wants to WIN WIN WIN!! WIN IT ALL!! So no, I don't think I will be ok with losing this series.

PS: Holy CRAP, it's day 200!!!

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