Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 204: Well, Patriots... that completely stunk.

Another week of football in the books and the season is almost officially half over. WHAT? That can't be true—feels like it just started. After Sunday's performance by the New England Patriots against the New York Jets, I'm starting to think maybe this season is going to take a turn for the worse and I don't like it one bit. In a game that should've been a cinch, the Pats' depleted defense just couldn't hold Jets' rookie QB Geno Smith or the running game in check and lost in overtime, 30-27. It was a bad scene all around.

Like just about every other Patriots fan in the world, I was annoyed by that bullshit unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in overtime. I was even more annoyed with the caliber of play from not only the defense, which I assumed was going to suck after losing three top players, but also Tom Brady. The Pats didn't deserve to win that game and even if they had gotten the ball back at mid-field after the missed field goal attempt, who's to say Brady could have completed the passes needed to get them into their own field goal range.

So yes, I'm pissed that they got the raw end of the rule book deal when some eager referee decided to enforce a new, but really obscure rule. How many field goals have been kicked in the first seven weeks of the season? You're telling me that there have been NO instances where a defensive player pushed his own teammate into the pile? Really? I'm not buying it.

But here's where I think I might sway from the majority. Or maybe not. The Patriots just flat out stunk on Sunday. The highlight reel is virtually non-existent. Tom Brady was 22-for-46 for 228 yards and an interception. Honestly, I was surprised that he completed that many passes with how inaccurate he appeared. They rushed for just 90 yards total while New York rushed for 177 yards—almost double. Yeesh. 

The high point of the day was the return of Rob Gronkowski with his heavily braced left arm. Despite not playing the entire game, Gronk finished with eight catches for 117 yards. But he missed quite a few too. Some because Tom Brady's aim bordered on erratic, and others because he was trying to make catches one-handed, possibly to protect the previously injured appendage. Regardless... it's still nice to see him out there and nice to see him get hit hard with no lingering effects. 

Oh well... as much as it sucks losing to the Jets—anyone but the Jets—maybe this is a wake up call for the organization. I think they need some serious help... but I'm just not sure who! Tom Brady looks lost and unsure of himself. Something I don't think I've ever seen in him.

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