Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 199: And the Patriots Lose More Guys...

More bad news on the New England Patriots' front. Bad, bad news. I'm tired of bad news. We're fast approaching the mid point of the football season and I think I've waited long enough—I need some good news, dammit. It's like every time something good happens to the Pats, like the last second amazing win on Sunday, they have to pay with something bad... or in this case, two bad things.

I'm beginning to wonder who is manipulating the army of voodoo dolls dressed as tiny little Flying-Elvis-helmeted men. Whoever it is, they're sick. My money's on either Rex Ryan or Wes Welker. Welker could be a likely candidate if he wasn't having an insanely awesome year, leading the NFL in touchdowns with eight. Probably Ryan.

So back to that bad news... The Patriots lost two key players in their magical win last Sunday. Because why not? What's one or two more guys out for a week or two or the rest of the season? Tom Brady and company have to be shaking their heads. And there's also the possibility that secondary standout, Aqib Talib, could also miss some time after suffering a hip injury against the Saints that knocked him out of the game. That would be the biggest hit of all.

Danny Amendola suffered a severe concussion in a brutal collision in the third quarter that left the wide receiver seemingly knocked out. He hit the turf like a sack of bricks, landing flat on his face, and was visibly wobbly as he was led back to the bench. This on the heels of a groin injury that kept Amendola out for several games. What the hell?

And then there's Jerod Mayo. Oh dear. Mayo, a team captain, leads the team in tackles and is instrumental in just about every defensive situation. He was seen leaving the stadium after the game with his arm in a sling... Next thing I know, I hear he underwent surgery on Tuesday for a torn pectoral muscle and is out for the remainder of the season. First Vince... now Jerod? Oh, the injustice!

All these boo-boos make me want to cry! If there was ever a time for some good new *cough* Gronkowski *cough*, it's now... It would be nice to see the big tight end on the field in New Joisey. *wink wink hint hint*

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