Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 198: Red Sox Win Nail-Biter!

Well... game three is in the books and the Red Sox came out on the winning end of yet another amazing pitchers' duel. I'm not sure my heart can handle many more of these ridiculously close games. I mean, really? 1-0? Are they trying to kill me? It sure feels like it.

I really wanted to write something intelligent and thought provoking in response to this game, but all that keeps popping into my head is: RED SOX WIN, RED SOX WIN, RED SOX WIN!!!! aldkjl;akfjdl;kgjldkjgl;kjfkhg MIKE NAPOLI HOME RUN!! BEARDS RULE!!

The pitching so far in this ALCS has been nothing short of masterful. The Tigers' starting rotation is insane—striking out a league series record 33 batters in 21 innings. But the Red Sox have also been holding there own and John Lackey reinforced that Tuesday evening, getting the much needed win over Justin Verlander. Are you kidding me with the 1-0?

I would appreciate it more if maybe the Red Sox would (a) stop striking out, and (b) start hitting the shit out of the ball. Please and thank you. For a team that finished second overall in batting average and scored the most runs in the majors, the Red Sox have really had to scratch and claw for the few runs they've been able to get. It was nice to see Mike Napoli finally turn his luck around with the long pants and get himself a home run...

And now, I'm making absolutely no sense at all because my head is still spinning from this game, so I'm going to spare you any more nonsense and end this post right now.

But before I go.... RED SOX WIN, RED SOX WIN, RED SOX WIN!!

And the Sox and Tigers are right back at it again tomorrow night at 7:30, causing me more nail biting, nervous sweating and obsessive pacing. Jake Peavy will take on the very tall (6' 8") Doug Fister. I can't handle this series! I just can't!!

PS. I sort of wish Koji had a big ol' beard.

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