Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 302: Good News, Sox Fans! Jerry Remy will Return to Broadcast Booth.

Today is a happy, happy day! Jerry Remy has officially announced he WILL return to the broadcast booth for the 2014 Red Sox season. Yippeeeeee! (Picture me doing the Snoopy dance in my living room. But picture it with Snoopy actually doing it, not me... that way it won't look too trainwreck-ish.)

I remember so vividly driving down to Rhode Island on that bright, sunny morning of August 16th, listening to the Dennis and Callahan Show. Quickly, the news turned dark with reports that the long-time Red Sox broadcast color man's son Jared killed his girlfriend, stabbing her several times in her apartment after a struggle. Jennifer Martel, the victim, had obtained a restraining order just a few days prior but unfortunately, it couldn't save her life.

I just knew at that moment, we were going to lose Jerry Remy from the booth for some time as he dealt with this horrible tragedy. First that evil cancer stole him away... then the equally cruel depression... and now, his murderous son. While I was incredibly saddened by the news of Jerry's absence, I knew it was the right thing for him to do. Little did I know, it would keep him away from baseball for the rest of the 2013 World Series Championship season.

Even as recent as a couple weeks ago, I was talking to someone at NESN who said his return wasn't looking good. I was totally depressed. One of the things I love so much about watching the Sox games every night is the banter between Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy. No one else quite compares to the Remdawg although many have tried to take his place. I honestly couldn't handle another season of listening to Dennis Eckersley talk about pitchers throwing the "cheese." (Although I will say he has grown on me recently.)

From the article I read today, even as recent as New Years, Remy said he wouldn't return to NESN for the 2014 season. But then a few of his close friends and his wife finally succeeded in talking him into getting back to his job. It's what he knows... it's what he's good at... and it would be the thing to keep his mind busy as they prepare for his son's murder trial later this year. You can read the full article here and Remy's statement and question/answer session.

It's a sad, sad story... there's a little girl who has been left parentless and Jerry and his wife are currently trying to get custody. And then there was the question of his health—but that looks after a recent clean CT scan. After his recent period of basically being a hermit, Remy is ready to come back to Red Sox baseball and that truly delights me. Although I do see his dilemma... going back to life as usual must be incredibly difficult after such a horrifying event.

Welcome back, Remdawg... welcome back. And a heartfelt thanks to those who talked him into getting back in the booth!

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