Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 306: Budweiser's Gone and Done it Again {{SOB}}

Each year as the Super Bowl approaches, we start to hear about the commercials advertisers are planning to run during the big game. And nowadays, with that whole internet thing, we even get to preview the spots before they air on television. With a national price tag of around $4 million for a 30-second commercial, it's imperative that the creative teams but their best ideas forward. Some products fail miserably while others keep raising the bar higher and higher every year.

Budweiser is one of those companies that continues to up the ante each February, putting forth commercials that make me cry every damn time. Each year, there's another installment featuring the ever popular Budweiser Clydesdales and each year, the commercials tug just a little more at the heart strings. Who can forget last years' Bud spot titled "Brotherhood"? Still to this day, I can't watch this one without the tears.

I honestly didn't think they could top the 2013 ad. It was a perfectly crafted story wrapped up in a 60-second commercial. I was anxious to see what the masterminds responsible for thinking up these tales would come up with for Super Bowl XLVIII. Let's just say that I am in awe of the genius minds at Anomaly, the agency responsible for the spots. Get yer tissues ready for "Puppy Love"—the only thing better than horses is puppies and horses. This might be my favorite commercial ever in the history of commercials.

I thought Bud only bought one spot in the game. I was wrong. They're running two 60-second commercials in the Super Bowl. The second spot is titled "A Hero's Welcome" and features a soldier's return home to a giant celebration. The only thing that would've made this commercial better is if the woman at the airport had a puppy with her. Puppies make everything better. 

Remember earlier in this post when I mentioned how much the 30-second spots were? I think you can do the math. But I don't blame them for spending such a huge chunk of dough. These commercials make me want to buy cases of Budweiser. 

Bravo, Bud... you just get it.

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