Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 104: Streakers and Urine Bombs at the Tour De France?

I'm not a fan of watching people ride their bikes which is why I'm always so confused by the large number of spectators for the Tour de France—and the endless hours of coverage on TV. I'm surprised I don't like it since there's always the possibility of a bloody multi-bike pile up, but I think the whole cheating/doping/lying about doping thing really turned me off. And even though Lance Armstrong is no longer involved, his douchebaggyness has lingering effects on the event.

According to DeadSpin, this year's Tour has had its share of crazy happenings—from spectators mooning the cameras to full frontal nudity to urine bombs. From the looks of this video, some people get so excited watching bike riding, they feel the need to do it totally naked. Totally weird but sadly true. (Don't blink, you'll miss it! He's right behind, and awkwardly close to the other whacko in the tight blue shorty shorts.)

I think if I was one of the riders, I'd be a bit uncomfortable with a completely naked dude (well, naked but wearing shoes) jogging along side of me. I imagine that type of thing would be pretty distracting. Although I'm quite impressed he was able to jog for as long as he did with his pants around his ankles. That's a recipe for disaster.

While the streaker thing is somewhat disturbing, I think the urine bomb made me laugh harder than anything. Unfortunately, there's no video but reports say that an onlooker tossed a container full of pee at Britain's Mark Cavendish earlier this week. At first Cavendish thought it was water, but realized it was piss from the taste. Seriously? Does someone actually know what urine tastes like? That's just gross.

Apparently Cavendish had crashed into another rider at the finish line the day before and fans took offense. They were booing and heckling him during the 11th stage this past Wednesday and the ugliness escalated when the urine bomb was launched at him from the crowd. When asked by the press how they knew what the substance was, a member of his team told the reporter, "Maybe you have to smell his jersey before you believe."

I guess he should be happy he was hit with #1 and not #2.

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