Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 108: Those Rolling Stone Idiots Really Have No Clue

Rolling Stone magazine usually doesn't get mentioned much in a sports blog, but when the do something so utterly deplorable, it's sometimes necessary to discuss—even if it's not exactly sports-related. But it sort of is...

Usually one of the first things I do in the morning is scroll through my Facebook timeline to see what sort of hijinks went on overnight. This morning, what I found nearly knocked me off my feet. A posting by a local news station featured the cover photo of the newest issue of Rolling Stone. Now I'm sure this magazine has a whole team of editors and writers and publishers that sit around a table and discuss what musician, celebrity or notable news figure is going to be featured on the cover. Dr. Hook wrote a friggin' song about it so it must be a pretty important place to be. (You're humming the tune right now, aren't you?) So you would think that at least one of these people would have a speck of common sense, right? Wrong.

Rolling Stone decided to write a cover piece on the Boston Marathon bombing. Understandable. It's still a current topic—one that affected countless New Englanders. Many of the victims still struggle daily with their injuries. And there are those families that continue to mourn for those lost in this horrible tragedy. The magazine could've easily picked one of these stories to recount.

What about Richard family? Eight-year-old Martin, whose life was unfairly cut short by that black backpack. Or how about Martin's younger sister, Jane? The seven-year-old endured 39 days in the ICU at Boston's Children's Hospital, undergoing 12 surgeries on her amputated leg. And then there's Martin's mom, Denise, who is blind in one eye.

Maybe Rolling Stone readers would be interested in hearing about bombing victim, Jeff Bauman and the cowboy hat wearing Carlos Arredondo who heroically leapt into action after the blast, saving Jeff's life. Both of Jeff's legs were blown off yet he made the most miraculous recovery, being released from the hospital faster than any other amputee victim. Jeff now has a shiny new pair of legs he showed off before Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals.

But they chose not to write about a victim. Instead, they elected to write about the demon behind this gruesome tragedy. They glorified and rockstarified this useless piece of shit, showcasing his diabolical face on the cover of a national magazine. A magazine that would be prominently displayed in the aisles of local stores across the country, and more importantly New England.

The face of this murdering savage would be staring at victim's families as they shopped at their local grocery store, book store or corner store. Thankfully, many local businesses and chains have boycotted this issue of Rolling Stone. Tedeschi Food Shops, CVS/pharmacy, Roche Bros., Stop and Shop, Cumberland Farms and Shaw's/Star Market have all opted to keep the offensive periodical off it's shelves.

I started to read the article titled: The Bomber: How a Popular, Promising Student Was Failed by His Family, Fell Into Radical Islam and Became a Monster. WTF? I barely made it through one page before I was forced to stop, the bile rising in the back of my throat. I was overwhelmed by disgust and outrage. I don't give a crap what kind of upbringing this asshole had, a shitty family does not give you the right to blow up innocent people... children! Take responsibility for your actions and stop making excuses for your evilness.

I refuse to link the story in this post. If you feel the need to read this steaming pile of vomit, you'll have to use the Google. I'm glad I haven't given that publication a dime of my paycheck since college. Rolling Stone is dead to me.

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