Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 116: Bill Belichick Addresses Aaron Hernandez Situation

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is known to be a man of few words. Usually those few words tell us nothing we want to know. His answers are vague and his impertinent attitude towards members of the press is often frustrating—even to us regular folks who just want to know if an injury is going to keep a key player sidelined for the upcoming week.

He never gives a straight, clear answer in response to anything. And if he refuses to talk about a subject, there's not a reporter out there that can extract information from him. So you can imagine the predictions in the media world regarding his press conference this week on the upcoming season. It was his first meeting with the press since the Aaron Hernandez murder rap and no one could've been prepared for the bounty of information he offered up.

I'm sure the entire statement was carefully crafted by the massive public relations team the Patriots must employ. He didn't sway from the subject at hand, nor did he offer up anything we didn't already know or assume. But he spoke... and whether or not someone forced him to read this statement doesn't really matter. What matters is that Bill Belichick actually told us some stuff. And it sort of appeared like some of it actually came from the heart. (I wasn't sure he actually had one.)

If you missed it on Wednesday, here's the video. His actual statement lasts less than eight minutes... the rest are questions from the media.

So how many times this preseason do you think he'll need to say the line about refraining from "making comments about the ongoing judicial process?" I think a lot.

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