Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 92: Aaron Hernandez Jersey Buyer's Remorse?

There are several reasons I never purposely purchase team gear with a player's name on the back. First of all, he might leave. Nothing bugs me more than someone wearing a t-shirt or jersey with the name of a player who now plays for another team. Youkilis and Beckett shirts should now be outlawed in Fenway Park. Just sayin. The only time I'm ok with it is if that player has retired while playing for the Red Sox. Yaz... ok. Ted Williams... ok. Jason Varitek... ok.

"Why you no want my jersey?"
Another reason is, and this might be the most important reason, that player might end up being a serial killer. I'm super excited I never bought or even thought about buying an Aaron Hernandez jersey. Not really a name I want emblazoned across my back. Kind of screams, "Hey, look at me, I love murderers!" Certain people out there will continue to wear their Hernandez jerseys, but I'm guessing those folks fall into one of the following groups: (a) Serial Killer, (b) Gang Banger, or (c) Dumbass.

The Patriots have provided a solution for anyone who purchased an Aaron Hernandez jersey back when he was a closet killer and now has an extreme case of buyer's remorse. This weekend (July 6-7), the New England Patriots have offered to exchange your tainted jersey for one of equal value at the Patriots Pro Shop.

If you can't get to the Pro Shop this weekend, have no fear... these suckers are selling like hotcakes on eBay. Really? One guy put his Hernandez jersey on the auction site hoping to get $50 and he ended up selling it for almost $230! And another guy got almost $290!! Since the NFL has discontinued the #81 Patriots jersey, collectors (or boneheads who just want to wear it for the shock value) have been willing to shell out some bucks to get one.

But some have gone just too far. After the Boston Globe reported of the inflated sale prices, one greedy jerk put a white (unsigned) jersey up on eBay for a whopping $4,000. No bids on that one yet. There is also a throwback Hernandez jersey (also unsigned) for the bargain "Buy It Now" price of $2,000. Seriously?

What kind of person buys this crap? Wait, I don't even want to know...


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