Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 254: Sochi Olympics—Good News and Bad News for US

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are officially less than two months away and that makes me ridiculously happy. I love the winter games so much more than the summer games and one huge reason is the timing. After the Super Bowl is over, other than hockey, February is a virtual sporting wasteland for me. But for two plus weeks in February, I'll be wrapped up in my fuzzy blanket, obsessed with everything Olympics.

There have been a few recent events that I think deserve to be mentioned. A couple good, one not so good. Bad news first?

US Figure Skating champion, Evan Lysacek, announced Tuesday that he would not be able to compete in the Sochi Games. Lysacek, who hasn't competed since winning the gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Games, has been battling a nagging torn labrum in his left hip since August. After months of recovery and rehab, the pain in his hip has not subsided and he now may need surgery to repair the injury. So even eight more weeks of practice won't do him any good and doctors have told him if he competes, he'll risk permanent damage to his hip. Bummer... he was so much fun to watch in Vancouver.

The good news is on the slopes. Lindsey Vonn suffered a catastrophic ACL/MCL injury back in February. I saw that gruesome tumble and I thought there was no way she would compete in Sochi. I guess I was wrong. Vonn has proven she's possibly super human. Less than six months after her surgery, she was cleared to get back on skis. It was exactly 176 days—beating both Robert Griffin III (195 days) and Adrian Peterson (226 days) who had similar injuries, back to her sport. Pretty amazing... Check out this infographic documenting her recovery. This is a determined athlete that is poised to kick some major ass in Sochi.

More good news for us Mainers. Seth Wescott, who also suffered an injury earlier this year in April, is also planning to be ready for Sochi. The 37-year-old two-time Olympic Gold Medalist in Boardercross has just released the first of a four part video series titled "Surgery to Sochi" which documents his recovery and rehab as he pursues his third gold medal in February. The first part of the video series can be seen here. Three more episodes will be posted on December 24, January 15 and February 5, just days before the Games start.

I'll be counting down the days until the Opening Ceremonies. And is it just me or are the Winter Olympics a lot easier to justify watching than the Summer Games? It's cold and dark out—what better way to pass the winter days.


  1. It's not just you, Stacy :) I can't wait for the Winter Games to start. Will definitely fill the void while we wait for our beloved spring training games to start.

    1. So excited!! I'm such a sap too... I cry at the Olympics all the time!