Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day 268: It's Icy... So Let's Talk About a Butt Goal.

It's icy. That's what happens after two full days of freezing rain with the temperatures never getting above freezing. Everything is coated in ice. Sure, it's beautiful but it has also turned my driveway into a skating rink. Every time I leave the house, I feel like I should be wearing skates and a helmet. I risk falling on my ass before I even get off the porch. And the poor dogs... they're having a hell of a time doing their outside business.

So...because there's so much ice in my life right now...I figured what better time to talk about hockey than now. And what better hockey item to talk about then the "butt goal." Remember "butt fumble?" Well now we have the "butt goal"—yet another embarrassing mishap caused by the posterior. I think Mark Sanchez is happy for the company.

It all started with a Buffalo Sabres flurry around the Phoenix Coyotes' net. The puck bounced straight up in the air and the Coyotes' goalie Mike Smith lost sight of it. As a matter of fact, everyone seemed to lose sight of it. Smith ended up backed into the goal as everyone frantically poked and searched for the puck. Come to find out the puck had somehow lodged itself in the back of Smith's pants and because he and his pants ended up in the net, so did the puck. Sabres goal... and win.

You see the worst part about this play for Smith and the Coyotes was that it happened in overtime. It turned out to be the winning goal for Buffalo. Tough luck for a goalie who had a pretty good game until that point.

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