Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 272: Shaun White's Amazing New Trick!

Ok... call me obsessed but I'm afraid it's going to be this way from now until the Olympics are over. There will most likely be lots and lots of posts about Sochi. Especially because I love it when athletes decide to use the worldwide stage of the Winter Games to launch a new trick.

Snowboarding is one of my favorite events to watch—probably because I've tried it, completely sucked at it and am jealous of those who do it well. But since I've turned into a giant sissy in my old age, it's best that I leave the speed and craziness to those brave youngsters. I'm always in awe of the advancements made in the sport and how the half-pipe just seems to get bigger and bigger, therefore making the air they get that much more gigantic.

As if Shaun White didn't dominate the world of half-pipes to begin with, he's going to be rolling out a new (and somewhat crazy) trick at the Sochi games. In the 2010 Vancouver Games, White blew minds everywhere with the "Double McTwist 1260"—and Sochi could prove to be even more insane. He plans to take his original trick even further with the "frontside double-cork 1440." I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds and looks pretty freaking awesome.

GoPro built a custom half-pipe for Shaun White to practice on and he revealed the trick on YouTube this past week. If this doesn't blow your mind, I don't know what will...


What.... WHAAAAAT?? Watch out Sochi!!

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