Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 141: Yeesh... Not a Good Weekend for the Red Sox

The dog days of summer are amongst us... and I'm not talking weather either. If a baseball team can experience dog days, the Red Sox are doing just that this month. August has not been kind. Granted, 16 of their 28 games this month have been on the road but geez... get a hold of yourselves, men! We still have some baseball to play!

I'm going out on a limb and saying the last couple of weeks are going to constitute as a slump. At least in my mind it does. Yes, I know that the Sox have not lost more than three in a row at any given time this season, but right now, that's a lot of luck and strategically placed wins. They're 8-9 in August and have lost their last three series. Appears they need to figure out how to get some of that early season fire back in their bellies.

I especially can't handle the series loss to the Yankees over the weekend. Alex Rodriguez's presence on that team makes me so incredibly sick and pissed off, that now I just think the whole team is cheating. Who's to say he's still not on the juice? Who's to say he's not still finding some way to cheat during this appeal process? Because I think he's that arrogant. And from the actions of Ryan Dempster last night, it's obvious that he's sick of this shit too. I might have done the same exact thing.

Time and time again, it's been discussed on various sports shows and radio talk shows and wherever else folks are ranting about the Biogenesis deal. Being able to play during the appeal process is a bunch of bullshit. He is helping his team win games and that makes me very angry. Every time he opens his smug mouth in front of the press, I want to stuff a homeless person's socks in it.

I better quit now... I'm still feeling bitter and let down by the events of the past weekend at Fenway Park. I need to pull myself together and look to (hopefully) better performances going forward. Maybe Xander Bogaerts will be the spark that gets these guys through the rest of the season.

Positive thoughts... positive thoughts... positive thoughts.

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