Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 152: Patriots Release Some Guys... And Other Stuff.

Oh my gawd, you starts in like nine days and I'm so excited!! Mostly I'm excited because football season means summer is over and fall is here and I hate summer. And there will also be those Sundays in September when the Patriots and the Red Sox are on at the same time and you can lay on the couch and flip back and forth between the two. Heaven, I tell you.

Much has been going on over the past week with the team. It's that crunch time when guys get cut — guys you thought might have a chance and poof, they're gone. It's time when they're trying to work out those last few kinks. And most importantly, figuring out the best team to put on the field that will earn them the win.

Last night, the Patriots played their final preseason game against the NY Giants and won 28-20 on the back on Tim Tebow who had two touchdown passes. This gives them a final record of 3-1 and puts them in good position for the regular season... at least I hope. So Tebow? Two touchdown passes? Does this solidify his spot on the team? The suspense is killing me.

Tom Brady didn't play last night which made me happy. Every time he steps on the field, I immediately think someone is going to rip both his legs off his body and beat him about the head with them. That scares me. And then... now this is really mean... there was some rumor floating around the interwebs that Brady was in a car accident the other night and broke both his legs. Really, really mean.

The Patriots released 10 players today including veterans Jake Ballard, Marcus Benard, Daniel Fells, Johnathan Haggerty and Mike Rivera. I'm confused as to why a team whose two regular tight ends are currently unable to play — you know, because one's in jail and all — would release two tight ends. The Pats must have their roster down to 53 by tomorrow at 6pm.

Little side note: Robert Kraft has a new buddy. Tiger Woods was on the Patriots sideline during the game before it started. He'll be playing in the Deutsche Bank Championship started today at TPC Boston in Norton, Mass. I wonder if they're going to go on a double date?

Oh and guess what? Aaron Hernandez is still in jail. Because he's a murdering dumbass.

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