Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 143: David Letterman's Alex Rodriguez Top Ten

Major League Baseball suspended Ryan Dempster for five games for his plunking of Alex Rodriguez last Sunday. I might have enjoyed this plunking a little too much. So basically Dempster might miss one start... maybe get an extra day off that he probably needs because clearly he missed A-Roid on his first attempt to bean him.

Many around the league don't agree with the punishment. Many are saying that the meager suspension is basically declaring open season on cheaters. And since there's only one suspended cheater currently playing, it looks like A-Rod could see his fair share of "inside" pitches. I say plunk away! If Rodriguez wants to be a douchebag about, well, everything, I say now he needs take it like a man!

David Letterman even did a "Top Ten" list about the event.

And yes, every pitcher that bonks him with a pitch, should win a top shelf stuffed animal.

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