Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 147: First Base Coach Hands Out Ball... and Advice

You may not know Rene Lachemann, but he has been a part of major league baseball for a really long time. Nearly 50 years, actually. He managed a few teams — the Seattle Mariners, the Milwaukee Brewers and he was the very first manager of the Florida Marlins. So it's safe to say Mr. Lachemann has a lot of advice to dole out to those of all ages — not just about baseball, but life too.

Lachemann is currently the first base coach for the Colorado Rockies and he has become famous for handing out souvenir baseballs to fans both at home and on the road. But that souvenir doesn't come totally free. The specially chosen young recipient, must sit through a lecture where Lachemann offers some life advice. Sometimes these lectures are lengthy and always entertaining.

Last week, during a game against the Phillies, Comcast Sports happened to be close enough to one of these encounters to get it all on video... take a look, some of this is seriously good advice!

"When you go to the bathroom, lift the toilet seat up. Don't be peeing on the toilet seat." Those are some profound words of wisdom right there, folks.

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