Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 130: Wes Welker Left Because Bill Belichick was Mean... Really?

Let me preface this post by saying I've had a LOT of wine tonight. I place complete blame on two friends... you know who you are... that forced me to drink on a school night. So if this post makes no sense or is riddled with typos, it's not my fault.

Yes, this is a picture of a cream puff.
So I've gathered over the past 24 hours that Wes Welker is pretty much a sissy. I know we're all sad he's gone. We're all sad he's now going to be catching passes from Peyton Manning instead of Tom Brady. It's pretty depressing. There's no one tougher than Wes. And not many that can take a hit coming over the middle and get up and walk off the field like he does.

But now... I have a whole new outlook on Welker. A whole new outlook on the toughness... or lack there of. His physical toughness is second to none. He's the most resilient wide receiver I've seen, probably ever. But mentally... well, that's a different story. Mentally, he's a giant wuss. WUSS!

Welker is now a member of the Denver Broncos. It was a surprise to most Patriots fans after Tom Brady restructured his contract to, what most thought, free up the money to keep Wuss Wes. But then he ended up leaving and at first we figured it was because the Broncos offered him more money. That's part of the reason. But there's more to it than we originally thought.

Evidently, Wuss Wes Welker has revealed to that the reason he wanted leave the Patriots is because Bill Belichick was mean to him. Oh, poor baby... He was mean to you?! Really? Hike it up, you pansy. Do you think that we care that Belichick was mean? It builds character, man!! When were you more successful than when you were with the Patriots? Dumbass.

And now, even with Welker now with in Denver, he still worries what Belichick will think of what he says to the media. It's like Stockholm Syndrome or something...
“When I’m answering questions from the Denver media, I’m not worried about what the Broncos’ people are going to think,” Welker says. “I’m worried about what Belichick will think. Isn’t that crazy?”
Get over it, dude. My guess is that it all started after the famous "foot" press conference in response to Jets' coach Rex Ryan's admitted fetish. All you had to do was keep your mouth shut. It was that simple.

I'm going to miss Wuss Wes Welker's physical toughness... but I can definitely do without his thin skin.

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