Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 150: Victorino Comes Up Big in Red Sox Victory

The Red Sox did it up nice and special Tuesday night at Fenway Park for the Jimmy Fund patients and their families. I heard someone say they lost this same night last year—figures. But not the 2013 Red Sox. No way. This group of guys would've sold their souls to the devil to win for this crowd. That strong bond with the Jimmy Fund fueled the Sox bats and powered the team to 13 runs on 14 hits and a decisive 13-2 victory over the Orioles.

The top third of the lineup—Ellsbury, Victorino and Pedroia—each had three hits, with Pedey getting his batting average back up over .300 after experiencing a bit of a post big contract signing slump. But the real super hero was Shane Victorino, who basically beat the Orioles all by himself. He went 3-for-3 with seven RBI, two home runs and four runs scored. The seven runs batted in was a career high for the 32-year-old Flyin' Hawaiian. He also walked once and was hit by a pitch, after which he tossed the ball back to the pitcher. Gotta love this guy!

When the Red Sox signed Shane Victorino over the off-season for what some thought was a ridiculous three-year, $39 million contract, there was a lot of head shaking. He's got a great glove but has never been known for doing anything too spectacular offensively. But he's a great guy. And that was desperately needed if the Sox were ever going to shake off that negative stink left on them after Bobby Valentine's departure and their failure to make the post season the past two seasons.

The best thing about this Red Sox team? They look happy. They look like they're enjoying their jobs. They look like they're enjoying each other. And they're so much fun to watch. I'm having way more fun watching the likes of Victorino and Gomes and Napoli than I ever would if the Sox had signed a prima donna pansy like Josh Hamilton. It's nice to have a team that lacks whiners.

So we may have been skeptical in the early stages as Ben Cherington diligently constructed this team, but now we know. Every thing is done for a reason... everyone is here to play a role.

Also, is there a Locks of Love for facial hair? If so, this team would be a goldmine.

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