Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 136: *GASP!* Tom Brady Leaves Practice with Apparent Leg Injury

As a New England Patriots fan, hearing "Tom Brady" and "leg injury" in the same sentence will send shivers down your spine. These are words that give fans horrifying flashbacks of the 2008 season when, after coming just one agonizing game shy of a perfect 2007 season, Tom Brady goes down with a torn ACL in the first game of the year. I'm not sure there has been a sports injury in my lifetime that deflated me like that one did. Tom Brady is the heart and soul of this team.

So imagine my shock when I read that Brady left practice today after suffering some sort of leg injury while throwing a pass. I almost started crying. I realize I shouldn't jump to conclusions—that I should wait patiently for an "official report," but holyshitholyshitHOLYSHIIIIT!

Several reports indicate that all 319 pounds of Nate Solder were pushed into Brady by a Tampa defensive end and he crumbled to the ground holding his left leg. It's not clear what part of his leg was injured—but he limped off the field, and while he did return for a few more plays, he soon left with the trainer and never returned.

Dan Roche of CBS Boston tweeted: Appears Brady has a knee sprain - expected to be ok - will be looked at again later tonight #wbz  I hope you're right, Dan. reported just a short time ago that an MRI was performed on Brady's left knee and the results were negative. He's listed as day-to-day. I'll take that... it could be a lot worse... like seriously apocalyptic.

I'm placing most of the blame for this injury on the D&C Show on WEEI for jinxing the Pats with this whole leg injury topic. They spent a considerable amount of time this morning talking about the rash of pre-season ACL injuries that are sidelining players for the year. They also spend a considerable amount of time talking as if Tom Brady were indestructible. There's been so much speculation on some of the other injury-prone players on this team and whether or not they can stay on the field for a full 16-game season, but why, all of the sudden, is Brady bulletproof?

I'm still just a wee bit scared... someone please hold me.

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