Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 140: Girls Playing Football. Tackle Football.

Did you know that there was a US National Women's Tackle Football team? Dude, I didn't. Have I been living under a rock? How did I not know this? I feel shame... So I guess they're pretty good too. Actually, they kick ass.

I often wondered if I could've played tackle football and then I remembered I'm too much of a sissy. And I bruise easily. But maybe if I wasn't so soft and the thought of too much physical activity didn't make me dry heave, I think I would want to be a safety or a corner back. I kind of like the idea of lambasting unsuspecting receivers and making them call out for their mommies. I might not be tall, but I'm husky and I could turn myself into a bowling ball pretty damn fast. I might have missed my calling...

This US National Team is led by quarterback, Sami Grisafe. Sami was the first female to play high school varsity football in California back in 2001. And she went on to play for the Chicago Force in the IWFL in 2007. To sit here and list all her accomplishments would take a month of Sundays so let's just sum it up it a few words... she is awesome. As a member of Team USA at the 2010 IFAF Women's World Championship, in three games she threw for 309 yards and six touchdowns to help win the gold medal in the inaugural tournament. Her passer rating was 262.53. Take that, Tom Brady!

Grisafe is considered by some to be the best female quarterback on the planet and showed us just that during the 2013 Women's Worlds. Team USA went on to pummel Team Canada by a score of 64-0. Grisafe was named tournament MVP with a three game total of 626 passing yards, nine touchdown passes and she even rushed for a touchdown. Throughout her career, Sami has had a lifetime passer rating of 131.3—better than any NFL quarterback. Take that, Peyton Manning!

But what's even better is that Sami Grisafe is also an amazing singer. She actually sang the National Anthem before her own championship game at the World Championships. And played the ukelele. She friggin' rocked that Star Spangled Banner.

Check it out!

Want to learn more about Sami Grisafe? Check out her website! She's my hero.

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