Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 227: John Farrell was Robbed. Terry Francona Wins AL Manager of the Year.

Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona beat out Red Sox skipper John Farrell for the AL Manager of the Year. Someone explain to me how this makes sense? Total crock of shit, in my opinion. My head is seriously about ready to explode right now. So the Indians sucked last year and then they were good this year. Doesn't that sound familiar? I'm pretty sure the Red Sox took that same road.

The voting took place just after the end of the regular season so none of the post season results were taken into consideration. But regardless, in my eyes, Farrell's team was more impressive over the 2013 season. He had to manage his way out of some really tight situations.

Terry Francona, in his first year at the helm of the Indians, finished the season 92-70 after finishing a dismal 68-94 in 2012. Francona and company secured a Wild Card berth. Well, John Farrell, in his first year as manager of the Red Sox, finished the season 97-65 (tied for the best record in the majors) after the Sox managed just 69 wins the previous season. The Farrell-led Sox won the AL East. Plus, last I checked, 97 beats 92.

So Francona led Cleveland to their first winning season since 2007. Big deal. Farrell's season was much more admirable in my eyes. Worst to first with a group of guys who were signed primarily for their great attitudes and positive clubhouse presence? A pitching staff that clearly had its troubles in the past couple of seasons? Not knowing if players returning from serious injuries would amount to anything? And let's not forget the injuries during the season where he never missed a beat with replacing those players.

The Red Sox offensive numbers were staggering compared to what they were just a year prior. They finished 1st in runs scored (8th in 2012), 1st in doubles, 1st in on base percentage (22nd), 1st in slugging (12th), 1st in OPS (11th), 1st in total bases (9th), 1st in extra base hits (5th), 1st in total pitches seen (6th), 2nd in batting average (10th) and 2nd in hits (10th). And the pitching staff's earned runs allowed decreased from 754 to 613.

I just don't get it... Francona got 16 votes to Farrell's 12. Stupid. There were writers that actually didn't even have Farrell on their list. Some voters in this process take points off for a big payroll—feeling that if a manager can do good work with not much of a payroll, they deserve more recognition for their successes. Clearly these people are morons.

I'm filing my own personal protest. John Farrell was robbed!

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