Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 225: Big Papi on MTV? What?

Honestly, in my approximately 40 years of loving the Red Sox, I'm not sure there has been a player as popular as David Ortiz. Sure, there have been guys over the years that were loved for their successes and gritty play and their big smiles—and who didn't think Pedro Martinez was destined for Boston politics at one time or another. But Big Papi has to be tops in the favorites category, so it's about time he puts that fame to use for some real good. (*insert sarcasm font*)

Because a third World Series title, winning the World Series MVP AND finishing third in the Boston mayoral race aren't enough... David Ortiz is going to become a producer of his own MTV show. I'm not exactly sure when I last watched a program on MTV, mainly because I'm in my 40's and frankly still a little miffed that a channel called Music Television doesn't play any friggin' music anymore. But if there's a show with Ortiz's name attached, you bet your ass I'm going to watch it!

According to Yahoo:
MTV Networks and Major League Baseball said Monday they are collaborating on a weekly 30-episode series that melds pop culture and baseball. Ortiz and Pittsburgh Pirates All-Star outfielder Andrew McCutchen are both executive producers of the series, set to begin next spring around the start of the new season.
The program has yet to be titled and will most likely air on MTV2. It will be shot at the MLB Fan Cave in Manhattan where Big Papi has been a fixture over the years, and with his love for music, MTV felt it would be the perfect marriage. One of the main roles for Ortiz and McCutchen will be encouraging other players to get involved. I'm guessing that if Papi is asking other players to do something for the good of baseball and growing its fan base, chances are most of those players are not going to say no.

So maybe the MLB Fan Cave is someplace I should look into spending the 2014 baseball season? Me and Big Papi kicking back, having a few beers... I can't even imagine spending an entire 162-game season concentrating only on baseball. Sounds like a dream job to me. Do you get paid this this gig? Sign me up!

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