Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 221: Ever Wonder What Bill Belichick Says on the Sidelines?

With everything that is said about New England Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick in the media, I would imagine him to be a monster on the sidelines. I imagine him berating players for the littlest of mistakes. I imagine him with a torture room hidden behind a bookcase in his office reserved for the biggest screw ups. Truthfully, this man scares me.

I'm always floored by how he treats the media in press conferences and interviews. But then again, some of those questions are really stupid and I don't blame him for his two-word answers. And do these people not learn? Why would you ask him about the status of a player that has been out for a few weeks when you know he won't give you a straight answer? Honestly, they deserve the short, glib answers. But he still scares me.

So it's always nice to hear him in his natural environment, pacing the sidelines with his headset and hoodie, doing what he does best: coaching. Maybe Belichick doesn't enjoy his time with the media—who can blame him. That's not his passion. His passion is coaching. His passion is winning.

After seeing him recently miked up for the Pittsburgh game last weekend, you realize he's not so scary after all. You see that he's happiest when he's on the sideline and his team is ahead on the scoreboard. He's happiest when his defense is keeping that pesky opposing quarterback in the pocket. Or sacking his ass for a big loss. He's happiest when the offense is pumping on all cylinders and making plays and scoring touchdowns. posted this video that you just have to watch. The best part is the whole video happens at the beginning when he's discussing the stature of some of the Red Sox players... I have a whole new love for Bill Belichick... he doesn't scare me at all anymore.

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