Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 236: Buzz Kill Cubbies

It appears that the Chicago Cubs are all about having no fun. At least that's the feeling I got reading about a young fan who was criticized for cheering too much for the pathetic Cubbies. Eleven-year-old Natalie Adorno goes to quite a few games—her family has season tickets at Wrigley. And she's widely known throughout the park. The staff and other fans—even the club's owner—know her by name.

You see, Natalie likes to try and get the crowd going to help her cheer on her beloved Cubs. She is often seen leading surrounding sections in chants of "Let's Go Cubbies!" and in the late innings will sometimes vacate her seat in order to get the fans around her behind the team. Why wouldn't she? Doesn't every team love to hear the fans behind them cheering their fool heads off for the team they love? Isn't that why they call it home field advantage?

But not everyone is pleased with her exuberant behavior. Some fans have issues with all the cheering. Huh? With all the annoying, obnoxious, drunken shit that happens at the ballpark, these assholes are picking on a kid? Some irritated fans took Twitter to voice their frustrations saying, "Not all of us fans appreciate your constant yelling at the games. Please stop, it's annoying." Only a douche bag would attack a kid for their team spirit.

The whole situation even caused the Cubs organization to get involved after another season ticket holder actually filed a complaint. Technically Natalie has the right to cheer, but the Cubs say that by leaving her seat and performing her crowd-revving activities in the aisles, she's violating the ballpark's rules. Big deal, Nat... you can cheer just as loud from your seat. Screw those old, fun-less farts. Her dad is actually giving second thoughts to renewing his season tickets... don't really blame him for that.

Clearly this kid is a die-hard fan. (A girl after my own heart, really.) How can you not just smile and be happy that an organization who hasn't won a World Series since 1908 is still gaining new, young fans. Natalie tweeted a photo of a sign that notes: "It's not about the wins, it's about the memories." So true... especially for a Cubs fan.

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