Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 239: Biggest Comeback in Franchise History and Guessed Who Missed It?

I have a confession to make. I fell asleep just after halftime and missed the thrilling comeback victory the New England Patriots pulled off over the Denver Broncos. I am an epic failure of a football fan. I let the busy day get the best of me and by halftime, I was asleep on the couch, drooling on myself. Damn those Sunday night games! The last thing I said as I made my way up to bed was, "Watch, I'm sure the Pats will mount some amazing comeback and I'll miss the whole thing." Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.

Basically, I suck. When I woke up this morning to texts like, "Are u still up?" and "OMFG!" I knew I was in trouble right away. I've honestly never felt so physically sick for missing a game until this one. Stupid me didn't even think to hit record on the DVR... 

So here's what I saw...

• Stevan Ridley coughs up the ball. Well there's something new and different. Denver runs fumble back for a touchdown. Crap.

• Tom Brady gets creamed and coughs up the ball. Denver recovers, eventually scores another touchdown. Crap CRAP.

• LaGarrette Blount coughs up the ball. What the hell? Is fumbling contagious? Denver recovers yet again and turns the Patriots' misfortune into three points. At least it wasn't a touchdown.

• Broncos score another touchdown for a 24-0 lead and I sink further into a sleeping position on the couch. 

• Oh wait, the Patriots have life—they take the opening second half kickoff down the field for a touchdown. They played like the Broncos were still in the locker room. Oooh, see what happens when you don't give the ball away?

And here's what I missed... clearly all the good stuff.

• Denver fumbles! Yay! Looks like they caught the fumblitis! And the Patriots convert the turnover into another touchdown. 24-14

• Denver fails to score on their next possession. Patriots get ball back and score another TD... this time highlighted by a 43-year pass, Brady to Edelman. 24-21... boo-yeah!

• Denver gets the ball back and Peyton Manning promptly thrown an interception. It takes the Patriots just three plays to score yet another touchdown! Patriots now lead 28-24. Exciting!! (Surely more exciting than the sheep I was counting.)

• Denver goes three and out and the Patriots march back down the field and score a field goal to extend their lead to 31-24.

• Uh oh... Denver ties it up on a touchdown. Boo-hissssssss.

• Overtime! And back and forth we go and now no one can seem to score. 

• With just over three minutes to play in OT, the Patriots are forced to punt. Wes Welker is back to receive but opts not to catch it. The ball hits one of his guys... live ball... Patriots recover!! Field goal is good. Game is over. Patriots are victorious!! 

What a game! (I imagine, of course.) I can't believe I missed all that excitement. Although it may be a good thing because I most certainly would have peed my pants!! 

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