Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 219: Big Papi on the Talk Show Circuit

Less than a week ago, the Red Sox won the World freaking Series. Less than a week ago, David Ortiz emerged as the hero of that World freaking Series with a staggering .688 batting average to secure the MVP Award. Perfect for the one guy who has been in Boston for the last three titles.

Since that jubilant night, Ortiz has been a busy guy. First, there was the celebratory parade—because who doesn't love a parade? Especially when you get to ride on the Dropkick Murphy's flatbed. And then the Gillette beard shaving event that raised $100,000 for the One Fund with Shane Victorino... not all of the facial came off, but a good portion.

On Monday night, a very dapper looking Big Papi swung by Late Night with David Letterman for some laughs. Papi's got a great laugh! Letterman brought up the chicken and beer scandal of 2011 which got some laughs from the MVP, and of course the beards. And Ortiz opened up about the impromptu game four pep talk where he told his teammates, "You don't come to the World Series every day..."


On Tuesday morning, Ortiz made another stop, this time to visit Live with Kelly and Michael. I'm not sure what the hell happened to all the videos of his appearance I saw on YouTube earlier today, but they've all vanished. Really, Kelly and Michael? Some of us work during the day—how the hell do you expect to increase your fan base if you don't provide some clips? Harumph! Well, the Boston Herald has a recap. And Big Papi, once again, looked pretty spiffy!

All I can think every time I see Big Papi and his great big toothy smile is... I bet he gives the best hugs!

PS: Did anyone get a load of that watch? Fancy schmancy!!

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