Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 66: Red Sox Score 17 in Rangers Rout. What? That's It?

I like a pitchers' duel just as much as the next girl but there's something to be said about an absolute drubbing. And that's just what the Red Sox gave the Texas Rangers last night as they trounced them 17-5. Yeah... maybe I like the ass kickings a bit more, but only when my team is the ass kicker.

Last night's game felt a little like a home run derby without the pomp and circumstance that surrounds an All Star game. There were seven total round trippers—four from the Red Sox and three from the Rangers. Perhaps the most memorable, Jackie Bradley Jr's first major league homer. Seriously though, it seemed like a lot more.

It was one of those games that the ball just fell into every gap and it looked more like batting practice than an actual game. Every starter in the line up had at least one hit—and only two had just one hit. The Sox had 13 extra base hits, including eight doubles, which sets a Rangers record for the most allowed in a game. David Ortiz hit a double and a legged out a triple in the high scoring second inning. He hasn't had a triple in two years.

The Red Sox scored a run in every inning but the 8th, including a six-run second and a four-run sixth. My offensive star of the game would have to be Stephen Drew. He went 4-for-5 with a single, two doubles and a home run and nine total bases. I wasn't excited about this Drew character when the Sox first signed him. I was afraid of the bad DNA and the possibility of a hangnail putting him on the 60 day DL, but this Drew seems to be a younger and more durable version. Thankfully.

While I do love a strong attack with the bats, I can't help but think, "Holy crap! Don't use all your runs up in one game!!" And from the looks of tonight's game, the runs are a little harder to come by.

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