Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 73: How's that decision working for you now, Iginla?

Remember a few months ago when the Bruins were trying to pick up some extra fire power to help them down the stretch? And remember how they thought they were going to get Jarome Iginla to do just that? And then remember how Iginla pulled the rug out from underneath the Bruins by going to the Pittsburgh Penguins? Total douchey move.

So why did he pick the Penguins? I'm sure it wasn't because he had a crush on Sidney Crosby... noooooo... it was because he thought the Pens would be his best chance to win the Stanley Cup. He had his choice. He could've picked the B's or the Penguins. He obviously picked wrong and the Bruins thanked him by shutting him, along with many of his teammates, down.

Yeah... how's that decision working out for you now, Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla? (And yes, the interwebs tells me that IS his full name! I bet he gets writer's cramp signing autographs.)

Before the Eastern Conference finals started, I was convinced that the consolation signing of Jaromir Jagr would turn out to be a crap deal for the Bruins. He looked tired and old. After the four-game sweep, I will never say anything bad about Jagr ever again!

In game four, both players had an impact for the Bruins. Jagr was instrumental in digging the puck out at the blue line, keeping it in the zone, which eventually led to the Adam McQuaid goal. And Iginla helped out too. The puck glanced off of his stick, changing its direction slightly before it beat the Pittsburgh goalie for the winning (and only) point of the game.

And maybe it's just me, but I found it fitting (and a little funny) that Iginla took the last shot of the game. A shot that landed firmly in Tuukka Rask's glove for the final save of the series.

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