Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 69: The Big, Bad Bruins are Playing for the Cup!

For four games, two species that normally don't share space in nature spent sixty minutes together in a battle of wills. And in the end, my predictions held true: bears eat penguins. I bet those cartoony looking little birds were a tasty snack.

Yeah...because it's the cup!
I really don't know else what to say. Last night's game, actually the entire Eastern Conference Final, had to be some of the best hockey I've ever seen. I was engrossed from the moment the puck was dropped. The stress level started high and just continued to grow throughout this back and forth, nail-biter of a contest.

When the game began, and Pittsburgh came out swinging, I thought for sure the Bruins were in for a world of trouble. The B's couldn't get anything going, constantly being mugged by a frenzied Penguin. But when Boston did control the puck, they looked calm and composed, while the Pens often looked crazed and desperate.

Once the Bruins finally scored early in the third period, I just knew that was it. I knew they would step up their defense, pester any Penguin carrying the puck, and Tuukka Rask, who played probably the best four game stretch of his career, would turn into a brick wall. You could almost see the frustration pouring off the opposing team. Pittsburgh's top 10 scorers in the regular season scored just two points in the four-game series. Rask stopped all but two shots and shut out arguably the best team in the NHL twice.

If you happened to miss the game, all you need to see is the last two minutes. The final minute, with Pittsburgh pulling their goalie and rushing six skaters, was quite possibly the longest minute of my life. See for yourself.

Chicago can clinch the West tonight. Bruins - Blackhawks? Bring it on!!

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