Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 87: So I hear Aaron Hernandez is in some trouble...

Today was one of those days in the world of sports that just made my head spin. Today was also one of those days that having a full-time job bummed me out because all I really wanted to do was stare at the Twitter and the interwebs all day and just watch the news roll in. Today, some real shit went down.

It's been over a week since the brutal murder of semi-pro football player, Odin Lloyd and during that time there's been a ton of speculation, and even the false report of a warrant for Aaron Hernandez's arrest, but no actual action. Well today, we got finally go that action.

At approximately 8:45am, Aaron Hernandez was taken from his North Attleboro home in handcuffs. That part of the story didn't surprise me—especially since he had destroyed evidence soon after the discovery of Lloyd's body. I was expecting the arrest—at least for obstruction of justice. But unfortunately for Hernandez, with the handcuffs came more bad news. Less than two hours later, the Patriots announced the release of Hernandez. The Pats did the right thing. Robert Kraft and the Patriots organization, first and foremost, must protect the integrity of the team.

It wasn't until early afternoon that the actual charges were announced: first degree murder and five weapons charges. (What? One gun wasn't enough?) The criminal complaint against Hernandez, 23, states that:
"On 6/17/13, [he] did assault and beat Odin Lloyd with intent to murder such person, and by such assault and beating, did kill and murder such person."
Does "assault and beating" = shoot repeatedly? I know it's all "innocent until proven guilty" but if the verdict is guilty, the only uniform Hernandez will ever put on again will be prison-issued and possibly orange.

The Washington Post reported the supposed chain of events on the night in question.
Surveillance footage from Hernandez’s home showed him leaving with a gun, and he told someone in the house that he was upset and couldn’t trust anyone anymore, the prosecutor said.  
The three men picked up Lloyd at his home around 2:30 a.m., according to authorities. As they drove around in their rented car, they discussed what happened at the nightclub, and Lloyd started getting nervous, McCauley said.  
Lloyd texted his sister, “Did you see who I am with?” When she asked who, he answered, at 3:22 a.m., “NFL,” then, a minute later, he sent one final text: “Just so you know.”  
Within a few minutes, people working the overnight shift at the industrial park reported hearing gunshots, McCauley said. Surveillance video showed the car going into a remote area of the industrial park and emerging four minutes later, the prosecutor said.  
A short time later, Hernandez returned to his house, and he and one of the other men were seen on his home surveillance system holding guns, McCauley said. Then the system stopped recording, according to the prosecutor.
The signs point to Hernandez being the mastermind of an execution where the victim was shot multiple times. He is currently being held without bail and, if convicted, faces life in prison without parole. He's 23 years old. That's a long friggin' time to be in the big house.

What is it with these NFL players lately? Since the Super Bowl, 29 players have been arrested. Is it too much money at a young age? Feelings of invincibility? Tiny brains? Steroid rage?

So who the hell is Tom Brady going to throw the damn ball to this season? Hernandez? No... murderer. Gronkowski? No... broken. Welker? No... gone. I don't know if he's worried yet, but I sure am.

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