Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 82: It's Been a Wicked Wild Week in Sports

First of all... TGIF! Second of all... it's late and I may or may not have had a few beers. And third of all... holy cow, it has been a wild and wacky week in the world of sports. And with all that's happened, the Red Sox, who should be our focus this time of year, barely even make a blip on the sports news radar. Except their closer who has been stinking up the joint lately.

So without further ado, here's your wild weekly wrap up:
• Aaron Hernandez is a dumb ass. Do I really need to say any more? Expect him to be arrested any minute on obstruction of justice charges. And depending on what evidence they find—you know, evidence that Hernandez didn't destroy—it could be the difference between jail and, well, jail. Dumb. Ass. Can you even imagine how absolutely pissed off Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady must be right now? 
• The Miami Heat are the NBA Champions. Yawn. I don't like basketball and I don't care about Lebron James or the stupid Heat. Theoretically, if I liked this sport, I would've been obnoxiously rooting for the Spurs. This is the least exciting thing for me that has happened this week. 
• B-R-U-I-N-S. As much as I would've have loved to be up three games to one right now, it just didn't work out that way. The Bruins and Blackhawks are all square at two game a piece as the series shifts back to the Windy City. I'd be a freakin' liar if I said I wasn't worried. Especially after the six goals the Hawks scored in game four. But as long as the defense shows up for the next game, they should be ok. I hope. I'm getting anxiety just thinking about the game tomorrow night. 
• The Danny-Doc-KG saga. So Doc Rivers decides he may want to entertain the idea of coaching the LA Clippers. Oh and by the way, he's taking Kevin Garnett with him. And then he's not going. But then he might. Oh wait, now the deal is dead. The latest is Doc will take the weekend to decide his fate with the Celtics. I wish I cared. I don't. 
• And then we have the Red Sox. What can I say about the Red Sox? Well, they did take two of three from the Rays... and they've split the first two games of a four game series with the Tigers. Tonight's win coming on the back of a four-hit, five RBI game from Shane Victorino. But my real takeaway from this week: Andrew Bailey sucks. Three blown saves in five appearances. Sucks. The Sox need to find a new closer. The end.
See? Crazy week. I'm exhausted. Must rest up for the big Bruins game tomorrow night.

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