Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 71: Tebow to the Patriots? Say WHAT?

I heard some disturbing news this evening that actually made me look at the calendar. You know, to make sure it wasn't April Fools' Day. It's not, so I'm assuming this information I read on the interwebs is true. The New England Patriots have picked up a previously team-less Tim Tebow. I'm not quite sure I like the move, but in Bill I trust. Sort of.

The first order of business for Belichick is to have a mute button installed on Tebow. One of his downfalls is his eagerness to speak with the media and his lack of filtering what is and isn't appropriate to say. Bill keeps a tight leash on his players and doesn't let them give too much away. This is going to be hard for Tebow. They might need to practice his new Patriots-approved media responses with a shock collar just to make sure.

So what role is the ex-Bronco-Jet going to play with the Pats? Is he going to be strictly a back-up quarterback, and battle it out with Ryan Mallett for the #2 spot? Historically, Tebow has pretty much sucked under center—except for the brief six-game stretch in 2011 when he helped the Broncos make it into the post season. But that didn't last long...the Patriots made sure of that!

Or maybe Belichick will groom him to play some other offensive position. Backfield, perhaps? Tight end? Although Tebow insists he is a quarterback, I think he'll change his tune when Bill tells him differently. Maybe it's the Josh McDaniels connection that facilitated the move to acquire Tebow. McDaniels coached him in Denver—maybe he knows something the rest of us don't?

I can only hope this controversial deal ends up more like the Randy Moss end of the spectrum and not the Ochostinko end. Fingers crossed.

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