Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 78: Sorry I Can't Come to the Blog Right Now, the Bruins are On.

I know I should probably be writing about a lot of different stuff today. There was a big series between the Red Sox and Orioles and some serious US Open golf on this weekend, so there's a plethora of subject matter from which to choose. So why is it all I can focus on is the two teams skating around a sheet of ice on my TV? Because it's the Cup, that's why!

I should be writing about how the Red Sox finally lost a series—a real heartbreaker of a weekend, losing three out of four to the Orioles. They started the weekend with a nice three and a half game lead over the O's. Now, just a slim one and a half game lead. Too close for comfort, if you ask me. I'm also starting to worry about Jon Lester. After jumping out to a strong 6-0 record in the first month plus of the season, he hasn't registered a W since May 15 and is now 6-4. What the hell?

I also should be writing about how the Merion Golf Club, called too short by many before the US Open started, completely kicked the asses of just about the entire field. Even the winner, Justin Rose, finished the tournament one over par. When was the last time you saw a major golf tournament with not one player posting a score under par? And poor Phil... second place again? Looks like he's got another bridesmaid dress to add to his collection. His closet must be getting real full!

But honestly, all I really want to write about is hockey hockey hockey because I've got Stanley Cup fever!! Wait... that's not right. I want to WATCH HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY! GO BRUINS!!


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