Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 79: Playoffs Really Bring Out My Superstitions

Hi, my name is Stacy and I'm ridiculously superstitious when it comes to sports. There... I've admitted I have a problem, now will I be cured? No? Shoot. I'm not sure there is a fix for what ails me.

In general, it's mostly small stuff... stuff that everybody knows. You never mention a no-hitter when you're watching one in progress. Don't talk about your quarterback's recent no-interception streak as he drop back to pass. And one my grandfather was famous for—if you start watching a game already in progress and your team is winning, but then they start losing after you start watching—CHANGE THE CHANNEL!! You're obviously bad luck.

However, when it comes to the post season, my superstitiousness kicks into high gear.

For example, during last night's Bruins game, I wore a particular pair of jeans through the first period and no one scored. But then I changed into my pajamas and BAM—the Bruins score two goals in the second. Daniel Paille, the game two hero, flipped one past Corey Crawford for a 1-0 lead. And then Patrice Bergeron finished the scoring off a brilliant pass right across the crease from Jaromir Jagr.

Tuukka Rask held up his end of the ice, easily fending off the feeble attempts by the Blackhawks to score. Rask shut out the team that lost just seven games in the regular season, stopping all 28 shots. With defense like the B's have, he really had to do very little work. Impressive win...

So basically, I've set those pajamas aside and will be wearing them again tomorrow night because clearly, they're good luck. But here's my dilemma... do you think it's the combination of the jeans in the first period and the pajamas in the second and third periods that resulted in the win? Or were the jeans in the first bad luck and I saved the day by changing into the pajamas?

Or am I just a delusional weirdo? (Don't answer that.)

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  1. Just to be sure, you should wear both...at the same time...and then run around the house 17 times. *sticks pin in Voodoo doll*