Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 72: Oh Ochocinco, I Hope You Look Good in Orange.

In case you missed it, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, the brainchild who legally changed his name to his jersey number (but then changed it back,) is in trouble with the law. Surprised?

The former Bengal star has been in a downward spiral for the past few years. Once upon a time in 2006, this six-time Pro Bowler led the NFL in receiving yards (1,369) and receiving yards per game (85.6) but is now considered a joke among many of his former football peers.

After leaving the comfort of the Ochocinco-friendly offense in Cincinnati, he was signed by the Patriots for $6 million for one year. And he completely sucked. He caught just 15 passes and scored one measly touchdown during the 2011 season—essentially being paid $400,000 per catch. When he was on the field, he proved to be more of a liability than anything, often running incorrect routes as if the playbook was written in Sandskrit.

Since leaving New England, Johnson and his somewhat unbalanced girlfriend/wife, Evelyn Lozada, have been in the spotlight, but never for anything good. Last year, shortly after they were married, Johnson was arrested for head-butting Lozada, she took out a restraining order against him, but then took it back. The marriage lasted one month.

Johnson was back in court on Monday for a parole violation and was about to be released on a plea deal until he playfully slapped his lawyers ass in appreciation for keeping him out of jail... aaaaand ended up getting 30 days. And rightfully so! What is wrong with this country when a guy can HEAD-BUTT his wife and get away with no jail time?

Ochocinco tweeted this on Monday... (he evidently also has a problem with punctuation.)

Watch the video to see Judge Kathleen McHugh open up a can of whoop ass on ol' Ocho-STINKO!!

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