Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 33: Buchholz Cheating? What You Talking 'Bout, Morris?

Clay Buchholz was named American League Pitcher of the Month for April for his 5-0 start and stingy ERA—but it hasn't come without some controversy. And it's a controversy of ridiculous proportions. A controversy fabricated by a couple of stupid Toronto Blue Jays commentators who must be just looking to cause trouble because their team stinks and they have nothing better to do. They have accused Clay Buchholz of throwing a big 'ol spitball.

So what? Just because a pitcher is in complete command of all his pitches and obviously has his head in the game, he must be cheating? That's right, Jack Morris, of course he's cheating. There's no possible way that Buchholz worked his ass off over the winter and came into the season in tip-top shape, confidence high, throwing junk that no one can hit. Nah, that didn't happen. He MUST be cheating.

What the hell is wrong with people? I might have found validity in the accusations had the Blue Jays' manager, or one of the players, complained about Buchholz doctoring the ball. But no one said anything. It wasn't until someone pointed it out in some video that Morris went all tattle-tale-y and whiny over the whole thing. Sort of makes me want to punch him in his throat.

And they couldn't let it end with Buchholz. The following night they also accused Junichi Tazawa of having some glistening, suspicious substance on his arm. Seriously? But John Farrell stood behind his pitchers, telling reporters:
"It bothers me immensely," Farrell said. "When someone is going to make an accusation, and in this case, on cheating because of something they have seen on TV -- he has rosin on his arm," Farrell said. "I think rosin was designed to get a grip. The fact is that he has rosin on his arm."
I generally am not a huge fan of Dennis Eckersley as broadcaster, with his habit of trying to make up his own baseball catch phrases—most of which have something to do with cheese, but he really hit the nail on the head in his recent comments to
“Where’s Jack Morris been all these years, anyway? He finally gets a job up there in Toronto and he has to make statements like that and take away from what this kid has done? I think it’s wrong. He’s pitched long enough to know. Guys, you talk about stick-’em, whatever that is, pine tar. He knows that you go to something if you’re sweaty just to get a grip. It’s all about a grip. You saw the comment — that guy [Hayhurst] backed off a little bit, saying maybe it’s rosin, maybe it’s this, but if you just watch the game, you know: the ball disappears on you.  
 “When you throw a spitball, the ball falls off the table, and you know it right away. The hitters didn’t complain, but Jack Morris is. I think Jack Morris should zip it,” Eckersley added. “I feel sorry for Buchholz to even have to deal with this. I’m styling here, and you’re taking away from me, a guy that can’t even make it to the Hall of Fame yet, and he’s chirping over there — zip it.”
Who knows what the hell goes on on that pitchers' mound, but I'm standing behind the Red Sox on this one. And Morris needs to shut his fat pie hole.

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