Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 37: Stay Classless, Toronto!

Since the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15th, the displays of sportsmanship towards the Boston teams and the city of Boston has been more than anyone ever expected. Even from their most hated rivals. The gestures have been heartwarming and reminiscent of sporting events post-9/11.

Baseball teams across the country showed support by adopting Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" for one night. The rival Yankees posted a United We Stand banner on their stadium facade with both their logo and the Boston B. Sox jerseys were displayed with the 617 area code...bats were engraved with names of victims.

NBA teams like the Knicks, Rockets, Timerberwolves, Magic and Nuggets observed moments of silence before their games, as did teams throughout the NHL and MLB. The Philadelphia Flyers held a moment of silence before their game the night following the bombings, and also showed a tribute to victims and first responders during "God Bless America." Phoenix Coyote and Boston native, Keith Yandle wrote "Pray for Boston" on his skate.

Fans everywhere adopted the battle cry born from this tragedy—Boston Strong. This city needed to heal after those horrific events and staying Boston Strong was the way. No one complained. No one selfishly wondered why their town couldn't be "strong" too. Until this week.

Last night, the NHL playoff series between the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs moved to Toronto for Game 3—the series tied 1-1. And one fan was keen on making the arena uncomfortable for not only his fellow fans, but for the men in black and gold. Not only was this one of the more classless acts I've ever seen at a sporting event, it's almost as if this man has no clue what he did was wrong.

REALLY?? Not sure if this guy has suffered a traumatic brain injury or if he's just comes by his stupidity honestly. What I do know is his douchebaggery knows no limits. You poked the bear, dumbass. Not smart.

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