Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 59: Matt Kemp Strikes Again. And Yes, I Cried.

If you missed my first post about LA Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, please click here before you read any further. And don't forget your tissues.

Matt Kemp is a total jerk. He keeps making me cry.

This whole baseball-player-with-a-heart-of-gold schtick had made me an official Matt Kemp fan... even though I can't stand the Dodgers. Kemp has taken a terminally ill fan under his wing. The boy, Joshua Jones, a proud recipient of most of Kemp's uniform a few weeks ago, was invited to Dodger Stadium to join Kemp and his teammates on the field.

Kemp flew Joshua and his dad down to LA for the game, brought the sick teenager onto the field and gave the kid the thrill of a lifetime. The Dodgers were playing the Angels and even Mike Trout got in on the action—chatting with Joshua and taking a photo with him. He also met Dodgers president, Stan Kasten and pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

I don't know a lot about Matt Kemp because normally the only attention I pay to the Dodgers is to find out how horribly Josh Beckett is doing, but he seems to me to be a real sweet guy. Someone who's just trying to make what short time Joshua Jones has left as special as possible. I wish more athletes did things like this for absolutely no reason but to make someone happy...

I'm waiting for karma to help you out, Matt. Maybe get you some more hits.

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