Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 31: Almost the Best April Ever

The Red Sox won 18 games in April. Pretty damn good, right? Do you remember the last time the Sox won 18 in April? I sure don't...but for the record it was 2003. They fell ONE win short (damn those Blue Jays) of setting a franchise record for wins in the month of April. And this coming just months after winning a paltry 69 in the worst, non strike-shortened season since 1965. Have I died and gone to baseball heaven?

I hate to bring this up again in fear of throwing down a big ol' jinx on my boys, but the Boston Red Sox have the best record in baseball right now. There I said it. {{waits for lightening bolt}} The last time the Sox had the best record in baseball at the end of April? 2004 and 2007... need I say more?

I thank the baseball gods every day that John Farrell agreed to leave Toronto and come back to Boston and save us from that demon, Bobby Valentine. It's a perfect scenario of good vs. evil. Farrell and the Sox front office have put together a team that fans can actually like... a team that actually like each other... a team that performs like a team. Holy crap, what a novel idea! That happened ZERO times last year under that malevolent misfit of a manager.

How about a few April highlights?
  • Clay Buchholz is 5-0 with a 1.19 ERA.
  • They rank in baseball’s top 5 in many categories: Runs (135, #4), OBP (.347, #3), Slugging (.446, #3), Batting Average (.271, #3), Walks (97, #3) and Stolen Bases (22, #2).
  • They have either been in first or tied for first since the season started—a spot they never saw in 2012.
  • The pitching staff has held opponents to a .221 average, best in the majors.
  • They've struck out 9.94 players per 9 innings which ranks #1.
  • The starters have a combined 3.24 ERA (#5).
  • Big Papi might be the first person to F-word on live TV and not get fined by the FCC.

Sometimes it makes me so happy I could cry! My initial prediction for total wins in 2013 was 82. I think I might have estimated low... at least I hope.

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