Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 44: Yet Another Dodger Surprise

I don't really follow the Los Angeles Dodgers, nor do I really care for them. I don't necessarily hate the whole team—more just a specific player. *cough* Josh Beckett *cough* (Who, by the way, is still winless in eight starts with a 0-5 record. And yes, this makes me happier than is probably socially acceptable.) But there are a couple players on their roster who have really have gained my respect recently.

Last week, Matt Kemp's interaction with a sick fan tugged on the heart strings of even the biggest Dodger haters. An act that was never supposed to be documented, except for in the memory of a boy who probably wouldn't live long enough to graduate from high school. If that video didn't get you misty, you must have one cold, black heart.

This week, another Dodger, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu made the day of yet another young fan. According to Yahoo Sports, the recent Korean transplant played catch with a kid in the stands. Sure, you might ask what's so crazy about that? Players often toss balls to kids at the ballpark. This wasn't just a casual toss to a fan. This boy, who goes by the nickname Deuce (as in "drop a?") is a regular at the Stadium and scored big when Ryu played catch with him for a good five minutes, like Deuce was just another teammate! Too cute!


What I love about this video is this kids ability to throw the ball as accurately as the Major League player on the field who makes millions. Maybe Deuce has a future in the bigs. Looks like he already has his own uniform. What a thrill for this little boy... he'll surely be the envy of all his elementary school classmates. Although from the looks of it, he doesn't seem to think it's a big deal. He's cool as a cucumber!

This deed, like Kemp's, appeared to be completely unplanned and unattended by Dodgers PR. I'm not sure if the good karma points are going to get the Dodgers back on track and out of their current slump, but it definitely can't hurt.

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